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You don’t have to take our word for it. Check out the amazing results that our clients have had.
Naomi was my trainer for 4 years. She is bright, intelligent, thorough, and detail-oriented. She knows her stuff and her client’s results speak for themselves.
Jonathan Shepherd

Working with Strive for Stronger has been game changing. They are very thorough, making sure to take care of every small detail, building a strong foundation and the result has been me achieving my goals in a very balanced and steady way. I have been getting coached by Strive for Stronger for the previous 3 months and will continue to do so.

Nicolas Burgos

I’ve been working with Naomi for just about 3 years now and I have had nothing but positive changes happen! I came to her with a list of issues that were quickly addressed through nutrition. She suggested supplements, a cleanse, and meal plans personalized to what my body needed. After following her protocols I seen HUGE improvements in so many areas. Energy, mood, skin, overall health and feeling good daily! Personal training has also been life changing! If you are thinking about taking the next step towards improving your health and overall quality of life I couldn’t recommend Strive for Stronger anymore! One of the best decisions I’ve ever made 🙂

Keisha Talbot
I started working out with Melissa Entem in June/2022. My goal was to strengthen my legs and try to get more movement back. (I was paralyzed 5 years ago but have some movement in my legs.) it has been two months of working out 2x per week as well as going to therapy once a week. I have noticed a big improvement in my leg strength and have been able to do things in my therapy session that I have not been able to do in the 5 years since my injury. I attribute this directly to working out with Melissa. I am very pleased with the results so far and am hoping for even more improvements as she continues to work with me.
Patti Darlington
I live in New York and have known Naomi for 4-5 years now. I hired her to work with me on a nutrition and supplement plan with great results! We took a course in the Dominican Republic together and have taken many of the same courses at different points in our career. She is by far one of the most dedicated trainers in our industry and it’s been exciting watching her continue to grow and evolve into a world class coach.
Nick Kropp

I started working with Naomi a year ago. We created a plan for my nutrition and for strength training. I have been able to see how results can be achieved by being intentional in my training. Naomi has been amazing at providing support. I love how Naomi is constantly growing professionally and her genuine passion for her work.

Heather Richards

Naomi is the absolute best! Very knowledgeable and detail oriented in how she created my workout plans. I started seeing her due to chronic neck and back pain from my work and she was able to erase my pain completely (where even a physio wasnt able to) after a few months. She is awesome at identifying which muscles are weak and need strengthening in order to have better form for day to day comfort as well as for overall strength. After 6 months, my body fat reduced from 37% to 22% utilizing her workout regime 3-4x a week (I didn’t change my diet as I generally eat well). Additionally, she recommended excellent supplements that helped reduce my eczema and inflammation. I highly recommend her to everyone!

Natalia Wong
I’ve been going to the gym for the last 10 years and thought I had a pretty good understanding of lifting with good form. I’ve been with Naomi for the last 4 months and I am really impressed with how everything has gone. My main goal was nutrition and eating habits but what I’ve learned from her has been so much more! My form, mobility and strength has increased greatly and my nutrition is improving. I’m looking forward to see how much more work we can do!
Neil Janvier

My initial consultation with (Strive for Stronger) Naomi, was in July of 2020. I knew without a doubt she was the trainer I wanted to work with. As what she brings to the table isnt just a training regime. It was an entire mind/ body- connection. We began training and within weeks there was a clear indication- Naomi ‘knew her stuff’. Not only was I significantly stronger, my entire physique had changed. We treated/trained from the inside out. I learned how incredibly important – being whole really was. Having a clear mind, sleep, the importance of what i consume (including content in) and how significant a role it truly played in ones overall progress.

The Strive for Stronger motto is not like any I’ve encountered. And this is why I have recommended and will always recommend Strive for Stronger to anyone looking for a trainer. Naomi, lives and breathes client centric/ focus and dedication. Everything she promotes with her clients, she practices.

It doesn’t matter how many new clients she has, each and every one is important to her and you know that during your time on and off the mat.

I have worked with Strive for Stronger for just over a year and a half and without a doubt- Naomi will always be my trainer of choice.

Trishannah Gallinger

There was a time when I was in a serious downtrend with my health. I was tired, wasn’t sleeping well, always feeling bloated and my gym sessions never seeming to take me anywhere and in a constant state of stress and, depressed. I reached out to Naomi and had a meeting about what was happening with me.

She then taught me about the importance of gut health and how it seemed that it was in definite need of a reset.

This was all foreign to me. She educated me, set up a clean meal plan to remove potential culprits of my symptoms and also gave me a plethora of resources that I still use to this day

After all said and done, I’ve been happier, sleeping better, feeling better and dealing with stress phenomenally compared to how I was. She helped me identify and systematically eliminate foods that were getting in the way of my progress by tracking and listening to my body.

With her help and willingness to educate, I’m down 40lbs, I’ve lost an impressive amount of body fat and built up my muscle mass and am stronger and in better shape than I have been in the last decade. I went to a doctor about what I was going through prior to reaching out to Naomi, and they gave me pills to help manage. Thanks to Naomi I am happy to say those have been thrown in the trash and never been a consideration since.

Highly recommend. She doesn’t look to Band-Aid. She looks to educate, encourage and give you the tools needed to take control and achieve your personal goals.

Courtney Yakimishyn

Naomi was my trainer for approximately a year and she was the best trainer I could ask for!

My goal working with Naomi was to gain more direction in the gym and build my overall strength. Naomi’s data-driven, practical approach was exactly what I needed. She is always supportive and understanding, working collaboratively with me to achieve my goals.

Although, I am not still training with Naomi, the skills and knowledge that she imparted helped me stay active throughout my entire pregnancy. The strong foundation I gained while working with her allowed me to even continue chin-ups the week I delivered!

She is the very best.

Amanda Lau


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