Why Diet is Equally Important To Fitness

One of the common errors we see is when physical activity is pushed and marketed as the best method to lose weight. A good exercise program is unquestionably crucial for one’s health and general well-being, but many individuals ignore the role that diet plays in attaining long-term weight loss.

Maintaining physical and mental health and well-being requires a balanced routine that incorporates diet and regular exercise. We see strong correlates between combining healthy eating and movement with improved sleep and happiness while helping to prevent excessive weight gain or maintain weight loss.

5 Reasons Why We Must Emphasize Diet

1. Exercise by itself cannot result in substantial weight loss

At best, we exercise approximately 4-5x per week for an hour duration. The total impact on your weekly calories is minimal compared to the ~3500 weekly calorie deficit needed to lose a pound of fat. This means we need to support our needs for a caloric deficit with our dietary choices.

2. The fuel that powers exercise is food

Many people are misled about how food and exercise are related. The truth is that the former serves as the primary fuel for the latter. One must eat adequately and sufficiently to meet the needs for optimal performance. If eating in a caloric deficit, one might fail to maximize their performance or derive the maximum caloric burn from the training. If you don’t have enough energy, nutrients, and calories in your body, there might be insufficient energy for movement.

3. Your hunger rises after exercise

Another reason exercise alone cannot result in considerable weight loss is because most people balance their output by consuming more calories due to the stimulus of increased physical demand. Unconsciously, this can take the shape of excessive snacking or grab-and-go meal selections, which can quickly negate the potential weight loss effect of even the most rigorous daily exercise program.

4. Diet is a factor in short-term weight loss as well

The pace of modern life and technological improvements in our day has made us less patient. To support the desire for instant gratification, we see the fastest shift in weight when using sound dietary choices amidst ample exercise.

5. The mechanisms of weight loss constrain exercise’s effectiveness

It’s crucial to recognize that exercise cannot act as a stand-alone weight loss strategy due to the hormonal pathways involved in weight loss. This argument is validated by the American Dietetic Association, which emphasizes that controlling and reducing calorie intake is nearly always necessary for overweight people to achieve the required energy deficit of 500 to 1,000 calories per day.

Don’t be afraid to contact our highly qualified personal trainers and nutritionists if you want to learn more about why diet is equally vital to fitness.

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Naomi Sachs

Fully Certified Fitness Trainer and Holistic Nutrition Consultant (A.C.H.N)

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